Saturday, November 29, 2008

Some observations, in blunt.

1. The Business of Being Born: Wonderful. Rikki Lake: Good for you. Glad things went better the second time around. I think getting the word out is the right move, but if you ask me, there has to be a middle ground with all this, and if you really want to change the system, you have to work the middle ground. This is why I never get heavy into politics. Of COURSe we want changes, of course the system is dishonest and crooked (INSURANCE), but you will never beat the system unless you have a way to operate either together with it or from the inside of it. This rings true with what is happening with women/maternity care in America. There is no way every single woman out there is going to drop what they're doing and hire a midwife, although this would be great. Baby steps.

Okay, that wasn't very blunt, but long and rambling. Sorry.

2. The Matrix Reloaded.

I will to my dying day defend this as a quality film. I think I may have cried watching the trailer in May of 03 in Haidee Wasson's senior film class? Yes, this is definite, I did cry.

Anywho, all I really had on this was: JUST LOOK AT WHAT A LITTLE CONFIDENCE CAN DO (neo). We should all learn from this.
And relating it all back to Rikki Lake and the maternity issues: Someone out there needs to make women feel like Neo going into childbirth. Hey, it might not go the way you plan, and it might hurt here and there, but in the end, YOU'RE STILL NEO.