Monday, October 12, 2009

Dexter Season 4

Yes, back again after a bit of a hiatus. Nothing really worth blogging about lately, save for the occasional LOTR film festival or various LOST reruns when I can get them. I gave True Blood a whirl, and while I kind of hated it at first, I let it grow on me and despite the fact that I didn't really find it blog-worthy (yet), I suppose I'd still consider myself a fan.

Onto Dexter.
Just some preliminaries, so I can just clearly state where I stand with this show. I love the show, I think the writing is awesome, and Michael C. Hall is **WONDERFUL**.
Batista=My Dexter-ish Frank Lapidus.
Masuda=Hilarious. Need more of him in every episode, please.
LaGuarda=acceptable. It took a few seasons to warm to her, but she's fine, I suppose.
Quinn=shady but is starting to grow on me. He and Deb as partners for some reason REALLY pleases me.

So to paraphrase a friend of mine's husband (about LOST characters, no less) we have Deb, YES, Batista, YES, Masuda, YES, LaGuarda, YES, Quinn, probably YES, and Rita?


I was fine with her during the first two seasons because she was so mousy and timid, not any sort of presence at all, really. And who couldn't feel sorry for someone with that witch of a mother, loser ex-husband, and kids with those names? ASTOR AND CODY? Geez. That's harsh.

This season she's just a nightmare. Now that they're married, I feel like she's turned the corner and become a totally unpleasant liability for Dexter, not just because he's committed to her and their kids and therefore is vulnerable, but because she's always just an annoying pain in the ass. Usually when she's in a scene I go get a snack or go to the bathroom. I suppose they are showing the kind of changes that occur when one goes from a dating to married status, or maybe it's that I've become so emotionally invested in Dexter that I have negative feelings toward anything that might be a downfall for him, which she definitely IS, but really, boo.

Other than that, 4th season is fine. With Lundy back and all the Lithgow-y serial killer grossness, I am expecting some good things here on in. WHO WAS THE GLASS OF BOOZE POURED FOR? (bludgeon-y male?)

On another note, it's hilarious for me (or hideous, maybe) watching John Lithgow play these GROSS, DISGUSTING creeps; because I know he's a dad and I have both of his family-centered books (Lithgow-Palooza and Lithgow-Party Palooza) and he's really a creative and devoted parent. I wonder what his kids think of him being such a slime on film? If my dad was an actor and did this I'd be completely grossed out and embarrassed. Yuck.