Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bonfire of the Vanities

Hmmm. Candace Bushnell's early inspiration? Rich guy makes some bad choices (pampered, superficial, caricatured women deal with not always getting their own ways). If you ask me, Sherman McCoy should have married his perfect Yale chin and Carrie Bradshaw should have just found a way to hump her wardrobe. Life goes on.

I do wonder if "American Psycho" was Bret Easton Ellis's response to this novel, with a murderous twist? Pierce and Pierce, was it really a place? Ha. I just googled it and there is an investment group of that name, but if they're any sort of major player in today's market I doubt they would have such a boring website. Maybe they're just trying to stay under the radar. Mergers and Acquisitions = Murders and Executions.

The only thing I recall of the film was Kim Catrell as the wife and Melanie Griffith as the cupcake. I try to avoid exposing my eyes to Melanie Griffith about as much as I try to avoid raw sewage, so obviously her scenes (with a Christing southern accent!) were difficult. I'm feeling brave, so it's on my netflix cue, ready for another try. Along with WUTHERING HEIGHTS. Wish me luck.