Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I've been trying to catch up on my list, really I have, but seriously, the elements have been against me. I started watching Wait Until Dark, which I liked, but it seemed to be the world's longest film, and it took me almost three nights to finish it.

Then, once I broadened my Netflix to get three disks at a time instead of one and changed the charges to go on Matt's card instead of mine, low and behold, you don't need a streaming disk for the Playstation anymore and can do your instant downloads directly. Great! While I started on the instant download list, the exact same lineup just happened to show up in the mailbox.

So next was The Entity. And yes, it's fricking creepy. But too long to finish in one sitting, and now, unfortunately, the Playstation "cannot connect, please try again" for most of the day, so I have a feeling that one's out, too. I have no idea how it ends.

Send back disks, get new ones. Blink arrives. I didn't end up watching past the first ten minutes as the opening was seriously so ridiculous I couldn't, and I mean COULD NOT stomach it. Number one, bad fake violin-playing. Don't do that. Number two, Aidan Quinn's bad dancing was so bad it made me embarrassed for him for the rest of his life. Don't do that, either. Ugh.

So after this, I was stuck because it was the last disk that hadn't already been watched (I will watch Notes on a Scandal, just not this month, so that had to get sent back too.) I ordered Single White Female on demand. OMFG, bad idea. What is it with 90s films, were there ever any good ones? This piece of shit made Basic Instinct look like The (Goddamned) Godfather. I shut that off after about nineteen minutes.

Not faring well.

Thank God and Baby Jesus it's high time for the King films.