Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On Stranger Tides.

My review of On Stranger Tides is on; it's not the worst review ever, but, I suppose it's kind of negative. So far it's one of the least popular ones I've done. I actually loved the first and third, and was okay with the second, so I just naturally assumed that I'd be fine with this one, too, but it wasn't great.

In other news, I read a few film reviews on City Pages today: nothing like the feeling of total inadequacy to boost your day . . . but I did get the feeling that many of the authors probably don't laugh very much and wrap themselves in saran before fornicating. Yee.


Justin Garrett Blum said...

"The film wraps up by doing something one of my professors called “ending six times,” yet still leaving the door wide open for the next installment."

Are you going to explain that? Was he talking about that last Lord of the Rings movie?

Anna said...

well, okay. ending 6 times was an exaggeration (on my part); it probably only ended 4. my professor was referring to LOST IN TRANSLATION I think, ending it 3 times (not 4 or 6), so I credit him with the concept.

they really only just completely wrapped up each character's story, maybe you could say overwrapped since by that point I had been ready for the film to end about an hour back, but it just felt like it kept going on and on forever so each ending was really tedious, even though the endings were actually kind of cool (re: barbossa, jack and gibbs).

Anna said...

but the whole film just made me kind of crabby because I am a huge fan of the others, which I know is not that popular of a position . . .

And never in my life did I ever expect to be defending K-KNIGHTLY but honestly, she had better chemistry with Johnny Depp than Penelope. I guess I never appreciated Elizabeth Swann until she was no more; I still find her super annoying and just silly, but her annoyingness and silliness at least added something interesting.

Plus, there needed to be some element of sexual tension, I think, and Depp and Cruz weren't cutting it and nor were the mermaid and the God-boy.

Donald said...

Wait... what? You lost me with that last line.

As for Pirates 4... I'll rent it for sure, since the other films were neat and this one looks neat too. It just doesn't look 9 dollars neat, or whatever films cost these days.

Also, I really only loved the first film, and merely tolerated the sequels. They are lovely films and they have great monsters and ghouls, but they were so bloated with characters and plotlines that went nowhere that I just didn't care. But I loved they guy with the squid face.

Anna said...

what, the saran wrap? I suppose its code for LOOSEN UP.