Monday, July 25, 2011

Gratitude. Sookie. Walter White.

Okay, first off, Blogger's new "stats" option? (hell, it might not even be new, but I clicked it today, and wow!) AMAZING! I was trying like hell to find Google AdSense, which I never really did, but I checked out my stats today? I learned a TON! Outside the USA, I have the most readers from Turkey, Argentina, Germany, Portugal, and Lithuania! The majority of my readers are seeing my stuff on Windows OS, the most common search phrases were "GANNICUS" and "Dr. Melfi Gets Raped." Networked Blogs really does drive traffic over here, (so does LYNXYMAMA, so Thanks, Lisha!) teşekkür ederim, Gracias, vielen Dank, muito Obrigada, Labai achiu! I love every last one of you.

See what I mean?

More good news: True Blood last night? Hand-holding, orchestral score, "Eric, please don't go!" I don't care if he was wearing a Jason Stackhouse outfit, daaaaaaaaamn! Loved Tommy's little change-up in the van, Jason's Jessica-fantasies, and Arlene and Terry *dressing up* for the little faux-exorcism. I don't trust Debbie Pelt, not one bit. And please, please, PLEASE help my girl Pam get her face right again! Although her closing scene was great, that makeup was almost like something out of The Twilight Zone.

And Breaking Bad? I don't really remember much other than Walter sitting in the chair, practicing his draw. Scenes like that, the closeup of him, then the gun, suddenly---get me extremely excited. Twenty million for the carwash, hey, Skylar? Sounds like you won't be laundering money there anytime soon. Better call Saul.

(I love the Heisenberg Walter White. A lot).