Monday, August 23, 2021

Rewatching The Sopranos, S1 E5, "College"

Family Events: Tony drives Meadow to Maine for college visits while a sick Carmela entertains Father Phil. Meadow asks Tony directly if he's in the mafia. Dr. Melfi calls to reschedule a therapy appointment and Carmela learns she is a woman. Carmela and Father Phil eat leftover ziti, have a conversation about religion, and decide to watch a film together. Carmela becomes distraught during the film and Father Phil offers to hear her confession. Carmela admits she has lived in sin for years, knowing Tony's misdeeds and illegal acts, and takes communion from Father Phil in her living room. The two nearly kiss each other but suddenly Father Phil becomes ill and rushes to the bathroom to vomit. The next morning Father Phil admits he has desire for Carmela in his heart. 

After Tony picks Meadow up from Colby College, she senses Tony is hiding something and pleads with him to be honest about where he was but he puts her off. When he gets home Carmela informs him that Father Phil spent the night and he scoffs; she also informs him she knows who Jennifer Melfi is.  

Mafia Events: While in Maine, Tony recognizes a man he thinks is Febby Petrulio, a colleague-turned-informant. Tony asks Chris to look into the man's license plate and discovers the man has been going by the name "Fred Peters." Through a local phone book, Tony finds Fred's travel agency but by this time Fred has also been tracking Tony and Meadow. Chris offers to take care of Fred for Tony but Tony insists he handle it himself. The next day, Tony surprises Fred at the travel agency and strangles him to death.

Significant Ideology: Tony comes clean to Meadow, kinda, and that's a big deal by itself, but the bigger picture here is that Meadow is not only smart enough to have figured it out on her own but has the bravery to ask him about it point blank. This makes her different than Carmela, who knows some, but not all, of what goes on in Tony's work life, and who, even while confessing to Father Phil, is vague about the "horrible acts" she believes her husband has committed. Carmela chose a life of organized crime by marrying Tony; Meadow and AJ did not, and through Tony and Meadow's conversation about how Tony came into the life he chose, it seems like Meadow empathizes with Tony but judges Carmela. 

Italian Language:  

Ugatz = shit/nothing valuable (Chris mutters this on the pay phone with Tony)

Pisha-do = toilet