Saturday, March 10, 2007

dreams and a young kiefer

we were at some sort of lycium at bold high school. it was a mock trial or something, this is weird because BOLD never did mock trials while i was there, so i didn't really have any experience with this (unless you count the 4 second mock trial i did in mr ross's earth science class in 8th grade about saving the trees. i was the expert witness, dr. pat smart. jennifer and julie and erica kept calling me "dr. papschmear.")

the mock trial in my dream was more like a mock inquisition. they were trying to find the communists in our school. it was very official, people were in uniforms. SHIT more just came back to me. IT WAS AL FRANKEN. they were questioning him and intimidating him and trying to get him to crack, and he was trying his best to convince them that he was not a communists. he even left the procedings and got on an official uniform himself, and tried to do all the official things the questioners were doing, to prove he was one of them. it didn't work out and they took him away. it was over, and everyone was laughing at how clever it was, how well we all did, etc. THEN. the guards came back in and said there were more. so playing along with it all, the people in charge were like, "all right then, round em' all up!!" they started coming over by me and my class. i wasn't really scared, because i figured that if anything, erica would get picked before i would, since she was more of a communist than me. no. they came right up to me and pointed me out and no one else. i had to go over to a holding area in the gym, over the bleachers and up by the basketball hoop. i had to sit there while the whole gym made fun of everything in my life i had done up to that point. i tried to be a good sport and laugh with them, because i had to make them think i still knew it was all fake. then, something in me started planning how to run out of there, either up the balcony and down the stairs that way or out the front entrance into the street.

pretty soon a commercial came onto a large projection screen that was on the wall. it was about some kind of cleaning solution, how to use it on everything. i looked down at my shoes, which weret those white grandma shoes that used to be popular that you could buy at ben franklin. some people took the laces out, some left them in. mine were in, and they were stained by iron or something. they were rusty and dirty. i notified the guard lady that i needed some of that solution that was just on the screen and she took me out of the gym.

after this, the threat of being wrongfully imprisoned for being a communist was gone. the main problem became trying to get these shoes cleaned. the next thing i dreamed was that this guy i work with, ian, was really a wizard and could fix the appearance of anything. i needed him to fix my shoes.

last part: a friend from high school, leah dillon, sent my mother a christmas card. on it were two little girls, babies. one was about 1 1/2 and the other was just a tiny one, just starting to roll over. for some reason it was on OUR fridge. i kept wondering when she had another baby. i think i knew she already had a little girl but that girl is probably like 5 by now.

In other news, I was fortunate enough to flip onto THE LOST BOYS as it played on Cinemax yesterday afternoon. It was a very big deal when this first came out; I think I was in like, 6th grade? Kiefer Sutherland was quite scary. I was struck by the youngess of him when I watched. Jason Patrick does nothing for me. Of course, I wanted to be Jami Gertz, even as a vampire.
If I had to name one of my favorite 80s movies of all time, The Lost Boys would be in the top five. On that note, I am getting YOUNG GUNS through Netflix today, and I'm quite excited. We did not finish Borat but still have it here. If I feel brave enough to try and watch it through to completion, I'll post my reaction.