Friday, March 2, 2007

not uncomfortable at all......

the pilot episode.
1. the mailman coming to the snowy walsh house in minneapolis to show us the forwarded mail
2. the 90s fashion, kelly in partics.
3. "the kids are totally fine. or totally 'bad,' I don't quite have the lingo around here yet." the mother on the phone to jim walsh
4. the credits. mostly the pilot's before the actual theme song was created.
5. "that guy is a total TOOL." a random surfer guy about brandon.
6. "Brenda, your brother is totally DOPE." said by donna.

matt just said, "I could have the biggest most enormous raging boner in the world and one look at brenda and donna and it will go limp in a matter of seconds." "brandon's hair looks like a goddamned hockey helmet."