Monday, May 28, 2007

not good, dr. hill.

I was so horribly uncomfortable throughout the whole thing that I am just now starting to un-tense my entire system. I started watching this like, 3 weeks ago and just finished the last 40 minutes today. The best thing I can give it was that the condo was nice. And the pictionary fight was semi-entertaining. I just can't do Vince Vaughn. AT ALL. Let alone J-Anniston. She is just so generic and anorexic and RACHEL FROM FRIENDS that I feel like I've already seen and experienced everything she has to offer. What a pisser.

Just as I turned it off, THE ROCK was playing on one of the HBOs, right at the part when Goodspeed is inquiring as to the future of Mr. Henderson's head. I COULD HAVE BEEN WATCHING THIS INSTEAD!!!!!!! Let's cut the chit-chat A-HOLE indeed.
I love Nic Cage. He does over the top in a way that does NOT make my insides turn outward.