Tuesday, May 22, 2007

And the hits just keep on comin'

Jesus H. I knew this would all end badly, but there is only so much we can take here! If it's not Vito Jr. taking a crap on the shower floor we have all this business to deal with. Chris is probably better off, to tell the truth. They never would have accepted his new and improved views on life, then they would all have to take a look at what shitty fathers THEY were.....Peace out there, Spider.

AJ-----I just can't quite accept his new-found HEY I'm NOT A SLACKER, I REALLY CARE ABOUT THE WORLD, etc.,etc. (So your life is in the toliet, so your wife is bangin' a used car salesman, it's embarassing, i know! but god dammit harry, TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!!!) Like Chris, probably would have been better off (dead). Sorry AJ.

PHIL LEOTARDO. holy christ. This guy as Frankie, was pretty much the angel of death to Pesci and his brother in CASINO. I almost enjoy that he is reclaiming the role here as well. This is the guy that is going to bring down the Sopranos? While I can't say I expected it from the beginning, the guy always had some kind of score to settle, from the moment he got sprung from the clink. I say it's either him or Paulie Walnuts that's gonna tank them all.