Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Twilight Zone Diaries, episode 7

The Lonely

originally aired: November 11, 1959
written by: Rod Serling
starring: Jack Warden, Jean Marsh

"Witness, if you will, a dungeon made out of mountains, salt flats, and sand that stretch to infinity. The dungeon has an inmate: James A. Corry, and this is his residence, a metal shack. An old touring car that squats in the sun and goes no where for there is no where to go. For the record let it be known that James A. Corry is a convicted criminal placed in solitary confinement. Confinement in this case stretches as far as the eye can see because this particular dungeon is on an asteroid nine million miles from the earth. Now witness if you will a man's mind and body shivelling in the sun; a man dying of lonliness."

classification: drama

story: A lonely convict imprisoned on an asteroid falls in love with a woman android. When he is finally pardoned, he refuses to leave her behind.

my summary: A simple idea but pretty great story. These issues of lonliness are interesting and totally relevent in any generation. No one could deal if they had to be alone. Imagine not only being alone but having to be alone with no techology, only books or non-eletronical items (HENRY BEMIS?!?!?!) I would love it for about 2 days and then start talking to Spaulding the volleyball. Talk about the cruelest joke ever---oh here's a companion finally but in the end we'll just ASSASSINATE HER IN FRONT OF YOU because you think she's real (ANIMATRIX?----I"m REAL!) Great surprise appearance by TED KNIGHT!!! Way to go. Also, shooting the face off the robot is a lot creepier than anything I've seen on the show; maybe one of the most disturbing moments ever.....

"On a microscopic pice of sand that floats through space is a fragment of a man's life. Left to rust is the place he lived in and the machines he used, without use they will disintegrate from the wind and sand and the years that will act upon them. Mr. Corry's machines, including the one made in his image, kept alive by love but now obsolete, in The Twilight Zone."