Sunday, February 3, 2008

weekend occult media

i finished probably the greatest book i have ever read (after some random classics and the potter series) by JOE HILL. yes, i finally broke down and ordered it from barnes and noble dot com. HEART SHAPED BOX. i loved LOVED LOVED it.

somehow i knew i would. what wouldn't i love about something written by stephen king's son? the guy would just have to be cool. he was born in 1972, matt's year, so the pop culture and icons were so our generation. the guy is more than a little bit hung up on nirvana, obviously, but beyond that (beyond that, she's great) he really wrote a great book. i think when i first started it the first 100 pages gave me the creeps like nothing else i've ever read before. very descriptive and believable prose about GHOSTS and being haunted. chills. ended wonderfully.

3. together with this going on, we watched potter's order of the phoenix last night and this morning. I pronounce phoenix FO-NIX. much like foetus (fo-tuss) and chipotle (chi-pottle) i get a lovely thrill just doing it for the hell of it, daring anyone to assume i am doing it because i don't know any better.

i had such a deeper reaction to it this time around since i have finished the last novel and know how it all ends. seeing snape in any scene is almost too much for me to bear because i know all his secrets now and i seriously get teared up every time he's on. I LOVE SNAPE. dumbledore too. especially because he was so suspiciously unavailable and mysterious in this film but then CRASHES IN at the end to rescue potter and duel with "tom." bellatrix decides she better bug out once albus comes on the scene even though she is crazier than a shithouse rat. i love her too. come to think of it, i really love everyone they have cast in those films. the only one i wasn't crazy about was that id in chamber of secrets.......Kenneth Branaugh? the rest are all tops in my book, even L-malfoy, if you can imagine.

rock on.