Thursday, October 16, 2008

Twin Peaks episode 6

airdate: May 17, 1990
director: Caleb Deschanel
writer: Harley Peyton

Summary: Lucy gets the result of her pregnancy test; Leo shoots Waldo; Cooper, Truman, and Ed Hurley go to One-Eyed Jack's; Maddie sets up Jacoby; Audrey goes undercover at One-Eyed Jack's; someone spies on Dr. Jacoby.

**two star rating: My Log Does Not Judge

notes: Perhaps if Audrey would have just *postponed* her little naked-in-bed stunt she would have been better received by Cooper. Shelley's (Madchen's) acting is actually all right when telling Bobby about shooting Leo. Unicorn=ancient symbol of purity, how ironic for the "freshly scented" perfume counter One-Eyed Jack's recruits. Cooper has a lot of good ideas and seems to me like a sophisticated and giddy nerd. Quite attractive, though. I feel really bad for Jacoby, innocent in all this. Poor hippy.

Best Lynch Moment: Leland watching (unobserved) Maddie sneak out of the house.

Best line: I DON'T LIKE BIRDS. --Coop, declining to feed Waldo.

New Characters: Waldo the Myna Bird, Mysterious Asian Man

Coffee, pie, or doughnut references: 2


Felina said...

heh heh. i watched this episode this morning as i was getting ready for morning drudgery at the bank where i work... I LIVE in Twin Peaks, albeit the Arkansas version. Give the Julee Cruise band a couple of banjos and hike up the womens' hair a tad more, and there we are.

i really enjoy your blog... i live in a fantasy world 24/7 to keep reality from holdin' its big, white thumb down on me, and your page is the perfect escape!

Come on up an' see me sometime.


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