Monday, January 12, 2009

24 Season 7 Premiere, part 1

1. I seriously think the confidence and paranoia surrounding the economy and state of the nation has been in the crapper the last two years because Jack Bauer took such a long hiatus. People need to know that there is someone (even if he's fictional) out there who can save us. I'm not kidding.

2. I knew Tony wasn't dead. I KNEW IT. Furthermore, I knew he would come back as a bad guy. I have proof of this in my myspace blogs from 2006.

3. Janine? So far, so good. I didn't really think I'd dig her, especially in THIS show, where she seemed a little out of place. That said, WHERE THE HELL IS CHLOE? Did CTU really get disbanded? What gives?

4. "I'm gonna enjoy this. . . " grabbing the pen and getting it ready to stick into Gabriel Shecter's eye? Thank God. Jack is fine when he's all controlled and reserved, but it's good to know the good old Jack still exists, deep down.

5. Always: "I THINK THAT'S THE WRONG MOVE." No one else knows what they're doing. Jack is the only one with any knowledge.

6. Am I the only one sitting here wondering how George W. Bush got through major issues like this? As in, how in the world would he have had the abstract thought to not only process information but then ask the necessary questions in regard to how to handle them, what the next move should be, etc.? I just don't see it happening, like AT ALL.