Wednesday, January 21, 2009

24 Season 7 episode 3

So Jack and Tony storm the embassy to get the prime minister and Prez Taylor is torn about her decision to invade Sengala. I guess I didn't miss THAT much when the cable went out.

This week: Is anyone else having a difficult time buying the whole bit with the "First Gentleman" and this ridiculous plot that killed his son? I mean, yes, I'm sure he's correct in assuming there was foul play, but the secret service just takes him out too? TWO SUICIDES WITHIN MONTHS OF EACH OTHER, IN TIHE PRESIDENT'S FAMILY? Come on.

Also: the writers are painting a clear picture of how INCOMPETENT the FBI and AG offices are. This is every show, every season, every time. We have major issues to deal with but we really want to talk about how this random traffic law got broken or how the warrant wasn't issued in time, etc., etc. How could anyone take this seriously working for the government? You want the problem solved or do you want to sit here and talk about RULES and LAWS? Sorry, we couldn't arrest CHESTER THE MOLESTER in time because Agent Stupes McGee over here tripped over his shoelace and dropped the warrant into the sewer and it took us 12 hours to get a new one. . . .

Jack shooting Renee: Of course he'd have some "secret" way of doing it to make it look like he killed her. I mean, to be fair, he put a bulletproof onto Nina in anticipation of having to do the same thing to her back in season one, but Jack's been around since then, he has his ways. Her blinking eyes through the plastic covering while they were shoveling dirt onto her were a little disturbing but at least she got to live. Obvs Tony is privvy to this also. . . Great morbid ending. She even got a silent clock!

1. in the oval office
2. in the secret service
3. in the FBI?

There seem to be more rats this time around than normal people.