Monday, June 28, 2010

Score (again!)

Why am I doing this, I HATED these books!
Ancillary products to a film, however, excite me very much.

And while I was a little disappointed that I was not able to get my mitts on a "Jacob" candy bar (I had to rifle through about 100 "Bella"s and already the nineteen year old sales clerk at Walgreens was rolling his eyes at me) I grabbed me two Edwards. I'm sure he'll be delicious tonight with my evening media event (Tony Soprano) and my morning coffee tomorrow.

Did I mention that we have a neighbor that looks like Edward Cullen? We have taken to simply calling him that, although not to his face, of course.

Now that I have a little collection going, I might have to actually admit that I'm a fan. What the hell, you all know that I listen to Warrant and swear by the Porky's films, does this really surprise anyone?


Jennifer Blattner said...

Kinda surprised you like the movies over the books! I liked the books (not loved, liked) and have a hard time getting through the movies. I think the pictures of the characters in my head were WAY better than the actual.
Finding it hilarious about the chocolate!!! Shoulda asked for the doll for your birthday! :)

Anna said...

for me those books dragged on forever. there were a few okay moments but all in all, i don't think the books were very good.

someone who could actually write did better when they did the screenplays for those films, IMHO.