Friday, November 12, 2010

Quite Possibly The Best Film Ever Made

Paths of Glory, bitches! 1957, directed by a 29-year-old Stanley Kubrick!

If not the best film ever made, then definitely the best war film. I did a paper about this and La Grande Illusion, both World War I films, the title was, "No Band of Brothers in this Gentlemen's War." Everyone should see these films because I dare say that they're only secondarily about war, and primarily about humanity. That said, there is *no better sequence anywhere* than the dolly of Colonel Dax (Kirk Douglas) walking down those trenches as the rounds are exploding, smoke is billowing, cannons are wailing, etc. It is hands down the most impressive, bad-ass thing I've ever seen in my life; I get goose bumps every time.

I think the best way to see this is not knowing anything at all about it beforehand; just trust Stan the man to get it done, okay? So I'm not saying a word about it. When people ask me about films, AFI Top 100-type films, they usually ask me if Citizen Kane is really the best film ever made. I say, Citizen Kane is a very good film, but Paths of Glory is better. You should watch it. Tonight.