Saturday, August 7, 2010


I loved it. LOVED it.

1. I thought the music (score) was excellent. The vibrations during the explosions and little seismic moments were killer.

2. What the *crap* is up with Tommy Solomon? Daaaaaaaaaaaammmn! When did that kid get so hot?? Wow. I whole heartedly approve. More, please.

3. Does Christopher Nolan have a thing for mousy chicks? Would it kill him to cast a blond, ever? I'm just asking.

4. Writers love this sort of story, like an Ed Emberly BUILD A WORLD sort of set up. How excellent, to be an architect. I suppose that's what all writers really are, basically. My only question is how they figured out how to link everyone into the same dream in the first place (was that what those machines were doing?) and how to filter out anything that's NOT desired from the dream and just build, because I'd really love to do that. A few years back, this random from 50th and France was telling me all about lucid dreaming and how most new-age people really think it can be carried over to everyday life (lucid living?). Most of my lucid dreams have happened after thinking very dedicatedly about George Clooney while nodding off, and of course, I'm not complaining, but to build an entire universe all my own? I'll get right on that. My dream universe would be filled with Guns and Roses, blond perms, and the smell of Salon Selectives shampoo. And red bulls. I think Desperately Seeking Susan AND Saint Elmo's Fire would need to be on repeat 24 hours a day. . . enter at your own risk.

5. I had no idea that was Tom Berenger until the next day. I think I remember thinking "Hey, that dude kind of looks like Tom Berenger if he weighed about 300 pounds. . . " Whoops. Sorry, Thomas.

See it. NOW.

p.s. I went through a bookshelf this afternoon and narrowed down the collection of non-fiction books, gathering a huge pile to bring to Starbucks. I guess I need to admit to myself that while important, non-fiction reading just doesn't interest me like it used to. Like Mal, I seem to be more comfortable reading in the dream world.


Unknown said...

Still, I thought he looked good at the Inception premiere, beefy but still sexy in my opinion.

Anna said...

he'll always be Jake Taylor in my mind. . . (less beefy but quite sexy).

Donald said...

I thought this movie was the bomb.

Justin Garrett Blum said...

I really thought Inception was mediocre at best, and the more time I spend away from it, the more I dislike it. I've never really cared about agreeing with other people, but it's still strange to feel sooo far outside the mainstream on this.