Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stephen King Goes to the Movies

This is the sort of book that was written for someone like me. At first, I thought it might be some sort of super-geek collection of essays on all King stories made into movies, but sadly, it was not. It had no super-geek essays, and it only covered five films, which, I suppose if I had taken the time to actually look at the cover, I would have realized when I first snatched it up when I found it at Half-Price. It's still right up my alley, though, it's Stephen King, it's related to film, what could be better?

The lineup is:
1. 1408 (scary)
2. The Mangler (comically scary, worth reading)
3. Low Men in Yellow Coats (slightly creepy but emotional)
4. Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption (cool)
5. Children of the Corn (HELLO? My favorite. Not even close to being the best, or good at all, even, but I still love it dearly).

It's a nice collection. In my opinion, Children of the Corn does not get the attention it deserves (story OR film); if you were a tween in 80s, wasn't it kind of mandatory? You all know about my obsession with nostalgia. . .

I'm also planning to do a few more film vs. book bits soon, this book will definitely be covered. I'm guessing there won't be a terribly long wait for Children of the Corn on netflix, (heaven knows why not). Also, for the month of October, I'm thinking of doing some sort of Stephen King film/book festival challenge. If anyone is willing to submit to me what YOU think the top ten King books or film adaptations are, I'd certainly take it and run. . .

(people love lists or surveys about what they like, right? You should DO IT).


Donald said...

If you make a top ten King book list, I'll make my own for my blog and we can compare.

As for this collection... it seems like bunch of weird choices to me. Then again, there have been so many movies based on King's stories, so any collection at all would have to be compiled almost at random.

Donald said...

I will throw this out there now thought: My all time favorite King novel: 'Salem's Lot.