Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Twilight Zone Diaries, episode 15


originally aired: January 15, 1960
written by: Rod Serling
starring: Dewey Martin, Edward Binns

"Her name is Arrow One. She represents four and a half years of planning, preparation, and training, and a thousand years of science and mathematics and the projected dreams and hopes of not only a nation but a world. She is the first manned aircraft into space. And this is the countdown, the last five seconds before man shot an arrow into the air."

classification: science fiction

story: An astronaut kills his two companions to survive on what he believes to be a hostile plant until he discovers that they have really landed in the Nevada desert.

my summary: This one is pretty good! It's very quick moving and the twist is interesting. The only complaint I have is for Dewey Martin (Cory): acting is overdone and generally bad. If the lines were more sublte and his delivery wasn't so explosive this would have been a lot better. Good landscapes throughout. Ending is nice and morbid.

"Practical joke perpetrated by Mother Nature and a combination of improbable events. Practical joke wearing the trappings of nightmare, of terror, of desperation. Small human drama played out in a desert ninety-seven miles from Reno, Nevada, USA, a continent of North America, the Earth, and of course---The Twilight Zone.