Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Money Pit

Yes, well, our house is no where near this large or nice, but I thought the picture pretty accurately showed the situation going on here last summer from August to November. We watched part of the movie last night and regrettably stopped before the Shirk Brothers finished ripping up the house (WHAT ARE YOU TESTING MISSILES HERE OR WHAT?!?!, yes, as a matter of fact, we are.) There are probably several hundred different rants (none of them media, sadly) that I could go on about my anger and frustration from a damaged roof and ripped up house (contractors taking their sweet ass time, roofer doing a horrible job even after he wrecked our house, insurance adjustor screwing us and never calling us back, bee hives, dumpster rentals, credit card payments, credit ratings, uppity neighbors, etc., etc.) but I'm kind of done being upset about it as we are back inside, baby born healthy in hospital and NOT the residence inn where we were staying, and ****most**** of the shit is getting paid off.
I guess I realized after watching a good hour here that the story of Walter and Hannah works well because of the cheesy, The Cheap Girls Band, Max, the pervey carpenter and plumber). Shelley Long kind of bugs but I think she works well overall. Tom Hanks, hate to say it, ALWAYS better in comedy.
"I KNOW where the bucket is. I don't need you to TELL me where the bucket is....."

Bachelor Party anyone?