Monday, June 27, 2011

True Blood, season 4 premiere.

Are you *kidding* me?
I tried extremely hard to clean something up for an Examiner article, but I really just don't have any room in a professional sort of capacity to "formally" discuss it; mostly I was trying as hard as I could not to squeal each time Eric came on. . . because DAMN. Yes, I realize I sound like I'm in high school.

Oh, and SPOILERS, a lot.

1. The fairies aren't what they seem. Sookie goes toward the light, gets transported to "the fairy plane," runs into the bellboy from Dallas and her long-gone Granddaddy (who is none other than Bill Lumberg from Office Space) and then doesn't eat the glow-fruit that all the other fairies are handing out to the civilian-clothed humans, which turns out to be a wise choice. They're harvesting human fairies and bringing them to the other side because the (extremely crazy-looking) Fairy Queen ain't having any more exposure; apparently the mass consumption of Sookie's blood (Russell, Bill, Eric) was enough to threaten the existence of the entire fairy race, and that's that. There were some nice effects during Sookie's escape, crazy explosions, harsh and gritty filmmaking, and a collapsing cliff----pretty intense!

2. Rip Van Stackhouse. What seemed like only minutes was actually just over a year in Sookie's life; when she returns she finds her house sold, her brother deputized (proper), and *AAACK,* Eric having to take orders from Bill? Something fishy is going on around here . . .
Looking good, Your Majesty

3. Enemies/Problems. Arlene's baby pulls the heads off Barbie dolls. Hoyt and Jessica's honeymoon is over. There's some crazy-ass witch in town (Fiona Shaw) that has her eye on Lafayette. Tara is an ultimate fighter. Jason makes little headway with the meth-orphans and then gets flung into a deep freeze. Sam seems angry and bitter. Andy Bellefleur is addicted to V.

4. Bill vs. Eric. I was caught completely off guard by what went down between these two; not until the "your majesty" business did I halfway know what end was up. Two shots I loved: Sookie's arrival back to Earth followed by the simultaneous awakening of both vampires in their coffins, and the juxtaposition of Eric's reassurance-inspiring "We're just like You!" video with Bill's ridiculous campaign speech with the elderly and the mayor. There always seemed to be something slippery about Bill, granted, but (call me crazy) there was something wonderfully sinister and alluring about him, now that he's King. Or maybe it was just the shorter hair, I don't know, but Bill was in fine form last night.

5. Final scene: Holeeeeeey shit. I almost don't know what to say. Maybe this: if you are taking your clothes off, and someone reacts the way Eric does to Sookie . . . wow. Just wow. And GOD, yes on the gratuitous bicep flex when he holds up the house key. . . (!)


Lorien said...

this may be enough to get me to start watching this show again.