Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tales From The Crypt, Season Two: Dead Right

Dead Right.
Starring: Demi Moore

"Cathy wants a rich and successful life, and fast. She visits a medium who tells her she will meet a man who will inherit a lot of money, and die in a violent way soon after. When she meets grossly overweight Charlie who informs her of his rich relatives, she promptly marries him. As it turns out, the medium is always right." (IMDB).

This episode is the best example (for me) of what Tales From The Crypt is all about. It's occasionally scary but is mostly disturbing and comical. The gross factor in this one wouldn't have been quite so bad if she hadn't always been talking about how bad the big guy smelled all the time, but because she did, I was squirming in discomfort every time he came on. Charlie Marno is what Adam Sandler's Fatty McGee grew up to be, and lucky him, he got to mess around with two of the most famous breast implants in the world before getting juiced in the electric chair . . . could be worse, I suppose.

Kathy? Is that you?
Yes it is, you fat, disgusting slob!
"I know I'm a little overweight,"
"Yeah, and Hitler's a little anti semitic."

There's a lot to love in this one, though. Her flailing, frantic run down the dark street to Madame Vorna's, horrified that Charlie Marno is the "large man" they had earlier spoken about, the man she would marry. Charlie Marno's CONSTANT table-slapping made me giggle just because it was so ridiculous, and most of all---those little dance vignettes thrown in between scenes of her (unsatisfying) married life? Jazz music, hopping around to "Dancing Cheek to Cheek." Seriously, it makes me laugh now just thinking about it.

This is a good one. I detect a running theme, applicable to both genders: DON'T BE A GOLD DIGGER.


Donald said...

This is a fun episode. Remember when Demi Moore was the hottest chick on the planet?

Justin Garrett Blum said...

Is that Jeffrey Tambor?

I don't remember this one, though I'm sure I saw it at one point in my life. We used to watch this show pretty regularly.

Donald said...

Yes, in a gross fat suit.

Anna said...

he makes all kinds of gross mouth noises and grunts, too. it's difficult to watch.