Saturday, January 22, 2011

Now There's a GLADIATOR!

Spartacus, Gods of the Arena: PAST TRANSGRESSIONS

I'll say. This was amazing; an extremely visceral episode. The blood. The urine. The whips. The opium! What an opening!

Newcomers cast:
Dustin Claire as Gannicus
Jaime Murray (Lila from Dexter) as Gaia
I can't find proof of it yet, but I think Jango Fett is playing the Doctore. . .

Well done. A reckless, boozing, womanizing, bad boy for a champion is kind of fun; his resemblance to Colin Farrell doesn't hurt things in the least. And though I long for even a promise of Andy Whitfield down the road, seeing the history of the characters' relationships before Spartacus's time, even in this one episode, was awesome. Talk about the tables turning! Ashur WAS a Gladiator. Crixus! A meek slave! Batiatus, pissed on in the street! And that magistrate? He's a slippery snake, he is. Sex was *wild,* even by last season's standards. Wow.

I'll be tuning in next Friday.