Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tales From The Crypt, Season Two: The Switch; Cutting Cards

The Switch.
Starring: William Hickey, Roy Brocksmith, Kelly Preston, Rick Rossovich

"Kelly Preston is a sexy young woman looking for a handsome young stud or so she thinks." (IMDB).

Casting is the best thing about this one; Rossovich (Slider from Top Gun) donates his body and face to Hickey (Uncle Lewis from Christmas Vacation, no stogie this time) in order to impress Linda (Kelly Preston, with 1990's most enviable perm) under the guidance of Rotwang-inspired mad scientist Roy Brocksmith, a regular supporting actor in the show's first two seasons. Cameo in the intro by director, The Arnold Schwarzenegger. Other than that, this one is kinda lame. I mean, the (yet un-transplanted) faces floating in the aquarium were cool, and in my notes I wrote something about someone's maniacal laughter that obviously impressed me at the time, but damn if I can remember who did it . . .

Again with the gold-digging. Meh.

Cutting Cards
starring: Lance Henriksen, Kevin Tighe

"Reno and Sam are a pair of hardcore gamblers who don't play for fun, who challenge each other in a sample game of cards and the end result could be deadlier then they could've ever bargained for." (IMDB).

Hilarious. These guys were great. I think this was the first episode that dropped the "F" bomb, regularly; these two snarly old dudes cussing at each other? Perfect. Again the casting was nostalgic; Henriksen as Bishop from Alien, and Tighe as . . . wait for it . . . THE KIDNEY-STEALING, TOSS HIS SON OUT OF A FOUR STORY WINDOW CAUSE SAWYER'S PARENTS TO OFF THEMSELVES ANTHONY FUCKING COOPER FROM LOST!!! What a creep.

Is "Chop Poker" a common thing among gamblers with vendettas? It seemed to be used as such a casual reference that it almost seems like it might be. And the name Reno Crevis? I don't know who came up with it, but I like it; he almost seemed like a calmer, less sociopathic Bobby Peru with better orthodonture. When the time comes for the first "chop" to be made, Tighe yells out, "Careful! Only one!" Because the bragging rights for staying in town are worth that much to them? Wow. What a couple of stubborn old bastards. Ending is genius; check it out.


Donald said...

Cutting Cards is awesome.

Anna said...

I was laughing the whole time. probably the most about how he had to "concentrate" on pulling the trig in Russian Roulette.

Justin Garrett Blum said...

Oh, man, I remember that second episode. You're right--that was great. So freaking gross, though. If I ever watched this episode with my wife, she'd be freaking out.