Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dexter Season Finale.

It's been a few days, and I can honestly say I'm . . . content with how things ended. I do feel like I need to address the Lumen factor, since people seem to either love or hate her run on the show.

Being who I am, I cannot express how much I really wanted a happily ever after for Dexter, and I thought maybe Lumen could deliver that. The scene where he brings Harrison over to the house and Lumen just swings him in the air and into her arms? Oh, what might have been. I want Dexter to be happy. And after Lumen's descent into revenge killing, I changed my idea of happily ever after to TEAM DEXTER AND LUMEN, Rape/Murder Avengers and Specialists (don't think for a *moment* that the little Bonnie and Clyde reference Deb dropped a few episodes back was wasted on me). That never would have worked for longer than maybe one episode, but it was a fun pipe dream.

The deeper theme that I dug this season was that of the victim refusing to be a victim. Lumen's dark passenger is a horrible one. Don't forget that Debra Morgan was the only one who really put herself into the shoes of those rape victims; in a show like this that focuses on violence we the viewer (together with the fictional homicide department) become desensitized to these crimes, but the writers still managed to treat the subject matter respectfully. The things that happened to those women were literally the most disturbing things possible. What would it take for a homicide detective to look the other way when a vigilante starts dishing out payback? THOSE RAPES. Lumen's desire for revenge and catharsis after killing each of her attackers was warranted; this might be going too far, but women are likely to appreciate this more than men.

And while this wasn't my favorite season, I appreciate the risks they took with the overall theme, it was major. And Quinn is fast becoming the hottest thing on wheels! I still remember the scene where the tide started to turn with him the season before this one, pulling up in his Cadillac with Deb in the passenger seat, gangster rap blasting? Damn, you've got my vote!

Masuka's best season. More, please!