Thursday, December 9, 2010

Minutes from Pearl Harbor, part one.

There are TWO son-of-a-bitchin' disks on this thing. Two.
M. Night Shyamalan is looking pretty good right now. . .

Matt walks into the room:
Matt: What the hell is this?
Me: Pearl Harbor.
Matt: What? Why?
Me: It's still the shit fest, you know.
Matt: (groan). I wanted to watch that documentary on black metal.

A few minutes later, Jon Voight comes on.
Matt: Who the hell is that?
Me: Jon Voight. He's FDR.
Matt: Nice makeup. He looks like Fat Bastard.

What seems like hours later, the actual "battle scenes" begin. (Lines and lines of cheesy, odious dialogue).
Me: Can you mute it, please?
Matt: (acts as if I've said nothing).

More horrible dialogue. I am cringing and have my eyes closed.
Me: Please. Mute it. Can we just watch the rest of this on mute?
Matt: (giggles). You wanted a shit fest.
Me: Can you at least turn it way down, like WAY down, then, please?

INTERMISSION comes up on the screen. There is another goddamned disk of this yet to be watched.


Donald said...

Pearl Harbor was ok. I didn't mind it.

Anna said...

ugh. i dare you to watch it again.